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Providence Home

Providence Home

Place :

Isiola in Kenya

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The Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters started their service with working and rehabilitation centers serving the physically challenged children in this region of Kenya who were neglected, killed by their community, seen disabled children as a curse in their family and communities.

These physically and mentally challenged were hidden at home and denied access to rehabilitation service and medical care. The Nirmala Sisters walked in the village and collect them and take them to their home and institution for rehabilitation, caring and giving them love, against their cultural believes of the community, showing them that they too are human being like any other persons who need protection from violence and negligence, provision of service and care and promotion of rehabilitation service for the most marginalized and vulnerable .members of the person with disabilities, the physically and mentally challenged children in the communities and Diocesans.

Thus we decided to start a home for mentally and physically challenged children as a matter of urgency in this particular area of Attan in Isiolo country within the Apostolic Vicariate of Isiolo in Kenya. On 22/8/2011 we make an application to Isiolo county Government requesting for land to set up the home where we were granted land of 15 acres to build special school for the mentally and physically challenged children known as “Divine Providence Home”.

By the special initiative and interest of late Sr. Mercy Thattil boosted the arise of divine providence home on May 31st 2014 where The PMC coordinator Fr. Stephen Muchungu did the blessing of the foundation stone. The Fr. Tadeus Oswala CMF parish priest of Ngaremara did the prayer service. The county commissioner of Isiolo County, Mr. Wanyama laid the foundation stone of the home.

Fr. James the parish priest of Merti jointly laid the foundation stone of the Novitiate house within the same compound.

On 2015 August 15th we celebrated three events infront of the Divine Providence Home, 1st profession of sr. Jacinta, official opening and blessing of the Divine Providence Home and blessing of the Novitiate House. The Bp of apostolic vicariate of Isiolo Antony Ireri Mkobo IMC and Bp of Maralal Vergilio Pante IMC, Fr. Timoti were the concelebrants. Sr. Mercy welcomed all for the ceremony and many sisters and priests from Isiolo Vicariate attended in this celebration. We shared the lunch for 500 people.

In 2015, we started this home with five children as a special unit to enrolled mentally and physically challenged children who were neglected and abandoned at home to give them education and rehabilitation as a missionaries with objectives to create an enabling social environment in which each mentally and physically challenged child can fulfil their potentialities, to protect and promote the right of the children with disabilities, to give them education relevant to their disability to fulfil their future dream, to give them special care for their physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Currently, the home has enrolled 31 children of mentally and physically challenged who were aged from 5 – 18 years given proper training according to their mental and physical capacity. The institution has the facilities for the good special education, for the craft work, tailoring training, painting, physiotherapy services and outdoor games. They accessed these facilities to improve their potentiality according to their taste, so that they can be self reliant in their life as an individual and self employed to sustain them.

The main reason being the institution was established in a remote and semi arid area, where the production of food is a very difficult , the community from where the mentally and physically challenged children came from were very poor, illiterate and marginalized who cannot afford even to pay school fees for the mentally and physically challenged children, the cultural practice of the community who sees the disabled children as a curse in their families and society and are not ready to support the institution in any way, despite of their poverty.


“ Love to heal, Care to transform and Empower for self reliance”.



Provide adequate education for mentally and physically challenged children to be creative and innovative within resource environment through continuous performance improvement.


Provide quality home care and service to help meet the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual need of children with disabilities in the society.


a. GOAL:

To ensure the maximum survival and development of the physically and mentally challenged children in the area and neighbouring area.


To promote, protect and ensure full and equal enjoyment of the physically and mentally challenged children.


i. To provide integrated rehabilitation service to physically and mentally challenged children by ensuring full physical, mental, social and vocational ability.

ii. To provide with vocational training skills to nature talents and potentialities to fulfil their dreams in future

iii. To provide home with boarding facilities for their physical, physiological, spiritual care

iv. To provide the integrated rehabilitation service for proper care and protection.

v. To protect the right and life of the children with disabilities within home and the society.

vi. To promote the physically and mentally challenged children participate in disability – specific games, sports, recreation and cultural life.

vii. To provide accommodation in order to eliminate discrimination and provide protection from harm, abuse and exploitation.

viii. To raise awareness in society to foster respect for the right and dignity of the mentally and physically challenged children.

ix. To provide physiotherapy help for any person with disabilities from the area at Divine providence home with no cost.


2015-2018 Sr. Kochuthressia Puthur

2018  Sr. Mary Karedan

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