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Fields of Apostolate

1. Service for Unwed Mothers 

SNDS opens the door to these unwed pregnant ladies in their dependent and desperate situation. These ladies are taken care of and provided with sufficient safety for their sound delivery. This is the first apostolic mission started in 1971 at St. Christina’s Home, Pullazhy, Thrissur and from 1980 onwards these women are rehabilitated. 

2. Service for the Destitute 

Sisters are concerned also about caring for the destitute in their rootless journey. Sometimes babies discarded by mothers, particularly unwed mothers, and broken families are looked after in destitute homes. From 1971 onwards SNDS extended its service to this mission, about 350 children are now getting SNDS service.

3. Persons with Leprosy 

Often the persons affected with leprosy are mistreated by their family and beloved due to social stigma. In 1975 SNDS started the mission of caring for them. Though leprosy is supposed to be eradicated, there are more than a hundred persons receiving service from SND sisters. 


4. Differently Abled Persons 

Sometimes differently-abled persons (the mentally and physically challenged people) are treated in the family as hopeless cases. From 1986 onwards SNDS included this apostolate too in their mission. At present this is one of the prominent missions of SNDS. This mission is extended to different places in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kenya, and Hungary. About 900 people including incurables, mentally, and physically challenged are getting training in different care centers.


5. Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

These days, the condition of HIV/AIDS affected persons is a threatening one. Some of the HIV affected victims are innocent sufferers. Most of the affected cases are discarded by their life partners or other family members.  From 1999 onwards the sisters are rendering their service to this most needed humanitarian service and presently this service is given to more than 50 HIV/AIDS inmates. 

6. Home for the Aged 

The main objective of caring for aged people is to provide human rights, love, concern, social and emotional security. Most of the grandmothers or unwed ladies are discarded from their families after their healthy state of the body or when they are not able to work anymore. One year after the foundation of the Society (1972) SNDS took initiative in this field of apostolate. About 270 old age people are under the safe supervision of sisters. 

7. Service among Slum Dwellers 

People living in slums are not bothered about their moral life, safety, security, education, and so on. Nirmala Dasi Sisters live together with them in the slums and give them direction for a healthy and happy life in the society. This mission was started in the year1981. 

8. Persons Living with Mental Illness

Mentally ill people are not accepted and cared for by their own families. Some of them are ill-treated, physically abused, and even thrown out from the families. In this situation, SNDS is there to accept them and to look after them. This mission was commenced in the year 1996. Sisters are serving about 150 persons with such illnesses.

9. Parish Ministry 

SNDS also extends its service to parish ministries by availing themselves for family visits, teaching catechism, preparing for sacraments, awareness classes for women and children empowerment, etc. Some centers are exclusively for pastoral services. From the beginning, sisters are actively engaged in this mission. 

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