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Arogyamatha Rural Rehabilitation Centre

Arogyamatha Rural Rehabilitation Centre

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Persons suffering from leprosy, related disability, persons with disability and poor & uneducated women & children face widespread barriers to accessing services, and experience significantly poorer health outcomes. Today, leprosy is among the most unbearable diseases known to mankind. In the remote area of Mahabhubnagar, very often people diagnosed with leprosy hide their condition from their families and loved ones, out of fear that they will be thrown out from the community. Often the disease free children of leprosy patients are rejected by the communities they live in. Even though India has made leprosy eradicated, the number of new cases of leprosy has risen over the past few years. Many cases detected and released from treatment, and some are released from control.

Historical Background

Arogyamatha Rural Rehabilitiation Centre, Kollappur, Mahabubnagar district Andhra Pradesh Started in 14th March 1993. At the invitation of the former Bishop of Nalgonda, Rt. Rev. A. Innaaih, the present Bishop of Srikakulam Diocese, Late Rev. Fr. Carlo Bonvini PIME foundered this Leprosy Hospital and convent. He selected this place because this was a rural and backward area of Mahabubnagar District.  The diocese donated 6 ½ acres of land freely for the Society as a gift of the convent. In the year 1994 the Andhra Pradesh Govt. allotted to the centre an area for Leprosy treatment activities.

Such is the situation our mission concentrated to the following areas:- The  primary health centre, women’s developmental and mother-child care programmes along with the leprosy treatment activities.

In the year 1998 we took up community based rehabilitation for the handicapped and disabled persons. We took surveys and identified problems of the handicapped and tried to solve them with the community responsibility. If necessary, we took them to hospitals for surgery to improve their physical condition.

In June 2000 the Balavikasa of Warangal Diocese entered our field of activity through their Mahila mandal Development programme. The main aim is to develop the backward women morally, educationally, economically and to imbibe in them the sense of equality, justice and respect for others and thus to improve the situation of women as far as possible.

Source of Funds:

Catholic association ofIndia (CHAI) & Local donations

Heavenly Patroness: Our heavenly Patroness is - Mother Mary of Health

Our Mission

Our mission concentrated on the following areas:-

1.    Community Based Rehabilitation Programme

It is a programme for the handicapped and differently abled (physically disabled) people. We help them to live in the society and make them to realise that they are also part of the community. The door to door survey is done in the whole Kollappur Mandal and thus we have the details of the differently abled people in this area. We go to the villages and give exercises to those who are in need, and give awareness talks on hygiene, health education and nutrition with the help of audio-visual programmes. They were trained to prepare greeting cards, Envelop making, Woollen knitting etc in the villages, helped to sell their product and thus they were able to earn some money for themselves. Reconstructive surgery is an important part of alleviating the challenges of leprosy; we also support subsequent physiotherapy and post-operative care for patients who have undergone reconstructive surgery.

2. Balavikas Mahila Mandal Development Programme

This programme is really the need of the people, because the area is very rural and backward. The motto of this programme is “Help the People to Help Themselves.” There is all the more a great need for collective thinking and common action on the level of the society and family.

Balavikasa arranges regular group meetings in the villages, i.e 74 groups in 10 villages and 2 Thandas heaving 800 women. They have regular monthly savings and Balavikasa gives them loans for income-generating programmes to improve the family situations.

3. Primary Health Centre

Every Wednesday from morning to 12 noon we conduct general clinic in the hospital. Patients from near and far come here and get treatment for several diseases.


93-95 Sr. Alice Pazhayaveettil

95-99 Sr. Mary Payyappilly

99-2002 Sr. Mary Poovakulath

2002-2005 Sr. Agnes Aloor

2005-2007 Sr. Mercy Cheriakara

2007-2009 Sr. Veronica Villan

2009-2011 Sr. Lucy Anthikat

2011-2012 Sr. Elsy Chazhoor

2012-2016 Sr. Lucy Anthikkatt

2016- 2019 Sr. Kochurani Karackal

2019-2020 Sr. Rosamma Mangalaserry

2021  Sr. Rosily Kalathil

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