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Mary Sadan is a home for palliative care for the aged, disabled and the widows at Asarikkad, Cherumkuzhy Parish in the Archdiocese of Thrissur. It is situated 15 kilometers away from Thrissur. It is a catholic parish consisting of 620 families. This is an area where people have come and settled about 60 years back. Majority of them were landless farmers who have migrated from the southern part of Kerala. It is a land with small hillock and valleys, which was a forest area some years back.

Mary Sadan was started, in the above mentioned village on 25th March 2016. A small house with 1.5 acres of land was donated by a generous person to our Society. The intention of the donor was to start a dispensary and to provide palliative care for the needy. Two of our sisters are staying in his house and providing palliative care in this village and the nearby villages. Mary Sadan convent was started in the year 2019.

Activities: Pastoral activities in the parish, teaching catechism, preparing for first Holy Communion and confirmation and visiting the families and spreading the word of God.


2017-2019 Sr. Marykutty Poovakulath

2020  Sr. Mary Payyappilly

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