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Nirmala Generalate

Nirmala Generalate

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The administration of the Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters is done at Nirmala Generalate. It is situated at Mulayam Village in Nadathara Gramapanchayat of Thrissur District. Mulayam is a small village, 14 kilometers away from Thrissur town, on the way to Palakkad. It is a hilly area surrounded with quarries. Important institutions near by are Mary Matha Major Seminary, SOS Village and St. Patric’s Church Mulayam.

Heavenly Patroness:

Mother Mary of Immaculate is our heavenly Patroness. Feast of our patroness is on December 8th.


There are 13 sisters as the permanent members in the house.

Activity Details:

Sisters those who go to mission centers gather in the Generalate to prepare themselves before they go. Sisters who are sent to mission stations, in India and abroad, usually come here, whenever they come for holidays. The common functions of the society like religious professions, Jubilee Celebrations General Council and other meetings are held in the Generalate.

Convent History

The need of a Generalate was found necessary for the co-ordination of activities of the society and it was established in 1997. It was blessed by our beloved founder Mar. Joseph Kundukulam in the presence of co-founder V. Rev. Fr. Joseph vilangadan and many priests and our sisters. The motto of this Society is "Yes Lord, Here I am." Considering the need of the people of the locality the SND society started to serve the needy with an open hand without any restriction other than a deserving human being! Sisters take oath to our Lord to lead a humble and dedicated life in order to serve the poorest of the poor, according to the Gospel virtues. The members also pledge themselves to gain spiritual strength through prayer and penance and to share the love and compassion of Christ through these service to the needy. Our main source of income is the financial support we receive from our well wishers and donor agencies

Administration Pattern

Superior General

Asst. Superior General

General Secretary

Councilors - 3

· Apostolate of Mercy

· Mission

· Health

· Finance

Regional Superiors

Regional Councilors

Local Superiors



1999-2002 Sr. Kochumary Kuttikkatt

2002-2003 Sr. Maria Karukappilly

2003-2003 Sr. Cicily Vallamattom

2003-2005 Sr. Sr. Mary Payyappilly

2005-2008 Sr. Marykutty Poovakulath

2008-2009 Sr. Lissa Puravakkatt

2009 -2012 Sr. Kochuthressia Thekkekara

2012 2015 Sr. Jinny Olakkengil

2015 2018  Sr. Jolly Vadakkan

2018 Sr. Baby Koonamplavil  

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