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St. Antony's Karunayalam

St. Antony's Karunayalam

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St. Antony’s Karunalayam is a home for the Aged women.  This home is situated in Karanchira  23 Kilometers away from Thrissur Town on the way to Kattoor.  This home is surrounded by different casts of people mainly Hindus.  St. Francis Xavier’s Church is the Parish and it is near by the institute.


The home is developed with the concept of ensuring safety and convenience for its residents through accommodations with necessary comforts, personal support services, health care, social and recreational activities and treatment facilities and to stimulate light in the hearts of our desperate elders, those who spent their life and energy for their beloveds.

Heavenly Patron:  St. Antony is our heavenly Patron; Feast June 13

Historical Background

Under the Archdiocese of Thrissur, the Pazhuvil Parish had started a retreat centre namely ‘St. Mary’s Retreat Centre’ and it registered under charitable trust act. This trust happened to open an old age home for the senior grandmas at Karanchira. In the year 2002 it was blessed by Mar James Pazhayattil by name ‘St. Antony’s Karunalayam’. 3 months after its functioning the authorities found difficult to continue the home smoothly.  At the request of the trust Nirmala Dasi Sisters took charge of the home for few months.  On 1st April 2007 the trust entrusted 25 cents of land and a small uncompleted building freely to our society with 4 inmates.  After 2 years the society renovated the building to accommodate more inmates. The Institution has registration from Kerala State Orphanage Board (Reg.No.1664/2014.).


At present 35 inmates getting care from our institute. It can accommodate 30 grandmas. 6 of our Sisters are working for the care of the inmates. Usually we give admission to the poorest widows, and the abandoned, irrespective of the cast, creed or religion without any discrimination.

Our Mission

As we age, we often face additional needs and challenges connected to getting older. Allow them to be as independent, while respectfully helping him with the tasks that have become difficult. The intended activities we are to provide whatever possible healthcare and safety, physical and financial, medical and educational and other social needs to offer good community living.

Establish a schedule: Planning out a schedule for senior citizens will prevent them from becoming bored, will give them something to look forward to, and will prevent depression. Whether it is a hobby that they enjoy, lunch with friends or family, or a game of cards, a schedule will make a senior citizen’s life more pleasant.

Personal care: personal care is an important daily need for a senior citizen. we provide them assistance with bathing, dressing and personal grooming if they are in need. our home-health aide including care takers can help with these tasks, if necessary.

Mobility: mobility is important to the elderly, even if it is just within their own surroundings. we will make sure they are properly fitted for a wheelchair, mobility chair, walker, installed a wheelchair ramp, hand rails and wider door wells to make getting around the house hassle-free.

Medication: senior citizens need proper medication to remain healthy. we provide with adequate medical care, such as doctor's visits, dental care, foot care, eye care, physical therapy and psychiatric therapy, if needed. if they need assistance home-health nursing system is helping them.

Nutrition: elderly persons are cared with need and proper nutrition to stay healthy and enjoy a comfortable life.

Assist with household tasks:  some senior citizens love gardening and regard it as a beloved and rewarding hobby. many interested to assist in shopping. according to the interest they are allowed to assist in live stocks department, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning the bathrooms, washing windows, and cleaning the kitchen etc, will greatly assist by some senior citizens.

Transportation: transportation can be lifesaving to an elderly person. we have set up transportation so they can get to and from medical appointments and physical therapy.

Entertainment: There are a variety of activities scheduled in our programme that some senior citizens enjoy, walking out in the sun, watching Televisions, walking out of the home, celebrating holidays with family and friends and recreations in the nights and social nights.

Parish Ministry: One of the apostolate of Nirmala Dasi Sister’s Community is service in the parish ministries. We try to find Christ in the less privileged and marginalized in Society. We extend our services to the various parish ministries by availing ourselves for family visits, teaching catechism, conducting awareness Classes for women, and children etc. The Sisters do pastoral activities in the parish, teaching catechism, preparing for first Holy Communion and confirmation and visiting the families and spreading the word of God.

Source of Funds

Karunalayam is purely maintained with the help of grant from Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment and its well wishers.


2006 - 2007 Sr. Rosily Theethai

2007 - 2008 Sr. Kochuthressia Vazhappilly

2008 - 2014 Sr. Marykkutty Poovakkulath

2014 - 2016 Sr. Chinnamma Kunnakkatt

2016 - 2016 Sr. Silvy Chackalackal

2017 - 2019 Sr. Susha Kalayil

2019 - 2021 Sr. Sini Elayanikkattl

2021   Sr. Jainy Kattilumparayil

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